Dog’n joy Puppy Chicken Flavor With Milk & Butter, 20 Kg

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  • Suitable for all breeds of puppies, aged from weaning to 1 year.
  • Calcium from milk compliments the body’s growth and helps to develop strong bones and teeth.
  • MOS or Mannanoligosaccharide is a natural prebiotic which creates a healthy balance in the gastrointestinal tract, builds a stronger immune system and reduce susceptibility to diseases in all ages.
  • The Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids enhance the shiny and silky coat.
  • The natural yucca stimulates the digestive system, helps the stool mass, easy to dispose and reduce odors.

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“Pay attention to the baby dog With the first nutrition formula special”

Because childhood nutrition is special than other ages Therefore need to choose food formulated specifically for puppies directly To help in the growth and development of various fields.

Introducing Dog’n joy, puppy Chicken flavor recipe, milk, butter.

Dog’n joy, puppy is a Chicken flavor recipe, milk, butter With specially selected ingredients from milk, meat and chicken mixed in a fragrant aroma And the taste is exceptionally delicious Complete with nutrients that help strengthen various parts of the body. MOS strengthens the immune system. Along with strengthening the skeleton And teeth with calcium Soft, beautiful, shiny hair with Omega 3, 6, with extracts of Rico to reduce the smell. Important to have a small grain. That is suitable for the mouth and small teeth Of baby dogs too

Usually, most puppies are ready to wean at the age of 6 weeks, when it’s time to start the first meal. Don’t forget to choose a formula that matches your age. And have the nutrients necessary for the puppy’s growth.


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